29 August 2014

Clothing + Nail Polish Haul

Hey loves!
How are you doing?
I hope you are all well!
I'm trying to find more time to work on my blog.
And I got some time today.

oh... and here's a cute little gif of a kitty... This is what I felt like when I saw the word SALE...

I bought some clothes & a couple of nail polishes since they were on sale. I couldn't say no....
More like I didn't want to say no >.>

Today was a good day. Though it's super hot outside, I felt like just going out to window shop. 

22 August 2014

Nail Tutorial + Update

Hey loves!
Hope everything is going well!

Again, I am super sorry for the hiatus. This semester I am back in school to work on getting a BA in business entrepreneurship & then I'll be working on getting an Ed.D in animal science. So, I'll be getting busier & busier as time goes on.

Happy news though!
I worked on a requested nail tutorial & finally finished it!!!
I'm also working on reviewing some new & old products I have purchased.
I will probably be making more videos than blogs depending on if my friend helps me with the editing... lol... it takes so much time.

Nail 01 is on how I do cheetah/leopard prints & zebra print nails.
Depending on how you add the black in, it can either be cheetah spots or leopard spots.